Quintet24: What’s the idea behind it?

Quintet24 is growing and enjoying increasing numbers of users. But what is it all about? And how does Quintet24 support your company?

Behind the name Quintet24 is an intelligent B2B platform on which two different groups of users interact with each other seamlessly.

Brands and manufacturers represent one of the user groups. Among them are members of different industries, for example outdoor, fashion, sports, footwear and many more!

Retailers form the second group of users. They are able access content from a wide variety of brands.

Many of the brands use the Quintet24 platform as a digital showroom.
But did you know that Quintet24 has much more to offer?
In addition to functions such as appointment management , customer acquisition and brand presentation , Quintet24 also offers an intuitive order entry option where all types of ordering are supported.
As a manufacturer, you can offer your products  to personalised target customer segments- no matter whether for pre-orders, re-orders or flash programs.

How does ordering articles work for you as a retailer?
Of course, it is very easy and straightforward : No matter whether you want to add items to your shopping cart from a catalog, a product list or an assortment: thanks to our innovative and easy-to-use order grid, this can be done within seconds.

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