Quintet 24 – your individual brand room

Brand rooms – but what is actually behind it?

Brand rooms in Quintet24 offer the perfect presentation platform for your brand.
But what is actually behind it?

Brand rooms are an integral part of Quintet24. Already over 300 brands are present on the B2B platform, yet each brand has its own area, in which the retailer sees exclusively the content of the respective brand. This area is called brand room in the world of Quintet24.

But what does such a brand room contain?

Thanks to the modular construction system of the brand rooms, each brand page can look different. As a supplier, you have the possibility to create your online presence individually. Convince your retailers by using images, videos, gifs. Offer retailers the possibility to make appointments directly with your house via the integrated web calendar system and then gladly conduct the meeting via the Quintet24 conference system.

Ordering? Or just browse? In the brand rooms, your articles can of course be displayed right away. No matter if as a lookbook or directly for ordering.
With Quintet24 you have everything clearly and transparently – in one place.
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