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more transparency


The shopping cart sidebar and the shopping cart module now always show all open shopping carts of a brand. This is very advantageous for the retailer because he now has a better overview of the open shopping carts of a brand and can therefore also better control his budgets.

  • The shopping cart displays the totals of quantity and value across all open shopping carts at the delivery address level.
  • The user can set a filter to pre-order, re-order or both.


  • If a search is executed or a filter is set in the brand area, all assortments and workbooks are included in the search. As a result, all workbooks and also the individual articles that match the search are listed
  •  If an article or a workbook is not allowed for the current delivery address, it is grayed out and displayed with the information that it is not available for the current delivery address. When ordering, the system automatically switches to the or an allowed delivery address.
  • In the Shopping Cart module, you can now enter a comment per shopping cart
  • Several shopping carts can be selected and shared or exported together. The amounts are then adjusted to the selected shopping carts.
  • A rule check icon turns red when one or more rules are not met, e.g. order quantity exceeds stock quantity, minimum quantity or minimum workbook value for a size is not reached. Details of the rule violation are displayed when clicking on the red icon.
  • Using a context menu, shopping carts can be quickly and easily deleted or items can be copied or moved to a different delivery address.

background exports

Accurate & Efficient

background exports

  • Exports are from now on always performed in the background. This means that the user no longer has to wait for larger exports, but can continue working immediately.
  • After successful export, the user will receive an e-mail with the attached file, or, if it is over 4 MB in size, a link to download it.



Fast & Safe

2-factor authentication

We have made Quintet24 even safer::
From now on, the user can decide whether to use 2-factor authentication when logging in. The setting is made in the user profile.

You can choose between e-mail or OTP authentication.


  • Assortments can now be exported as PDF.
  • Association commodity programs: you will now be informed by mail when a commodity program is approved.
  • Performance improvements: Quintet24 will now be even faster.
  • When changing your mail address within the profile settings you can now make sure that your brands will get a notification so that they can change your mail address in their system.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Display and layout improvements also on I-Pad and mobile devices.
  • PDF-Export:
    – Prices of the retailer are now exported correctly.
    – All media are now exported.
  • Display of delivery addresses in sidebar no longer disappears and no longer triggers an error message even with many delivery addresses.
  • Improvement and refinement of article search and sorting of hits in article search.
  • Improvement: global filter and search attributes remained active despite reset
  • Improvements and enhancements to email notifications.
  • Improvements Brand Page:
    – Removed unnecessary headings.
    – Improved view of uploaded images: are now displayed in full and are no longer cut off in the preview.
    – Condition sheet was displayed in German only.
  • Improvement Fast Capture:
    – after deleting a shopping cart, quantities remained.
    – Ordergrid appeared in wrong place.


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